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The Power of Yoga

Our classes are curated to help participants with their specific needs because everybody's body is different. From weight loss to flexibility, from pain reduction to better sleep, there is a class for everyone. And if you need to focus more on getting things done or relax after the job is done, there is a class for you too. It doesn't matter if you've never tried yoga or if you've been doing yoga all your life. Come in for your FREE first class, meet new people with similar interests and join our community of Healthy Happy people.

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Who We Are

The Light Life Living

Light Life Yoga & Nutrition is a space created to bring together a community of people who want a better quality of life by getting healthier while reducing stress and pain and improving posture, flexibility, focus, and relaxation. We also offer a variety of healthy foods to help you with your healthy lifestyle changes and goals.

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Our teachers are hand-picked, and well trained. Each with their style of teaching and personality brings a unique touch to every class. We teach with kindness, and we hold space for everyone in our classes. Don't be shy to talk to us after class.

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Our Process

Our Process

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Reach out to us so we can find the right class for you. We'll consider both your schedule and your current skill level. We want our classes to be a source of fun for you, as you push your body to new limits. Once you begin regularly taking courses at The Light Life Living, you'll feel stronger.

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