A birthday message for you!

A birthday message for you!

About a year ago I was encouraging someone to celebrate herself and her accomplishments after she had expressed to me that all she wanted to do on her birthday was to lie down in bed writing about goals she still wanted to accomplish.

Although I was encouraging her the truth is I knew that was exactly how I was spending my birthdays. Thinking about how the years were flying by and all the goals I needed to reach.

SO I TOOK MY ADVICE! And for the first time, I planned a birthday celebration for me! I didn’t wait for my husband or anyone else to do it for me.
I celebrated everything about me, and everything I had accomplished thus far. The little and the big things! ✨
Instead of wishing for things I didn’t yet have I celebrated and became at peace with where I was in my journey.

That one step has changed my life!

Fast forward a year later, and I can say that this has been quite a year of my life!!! A year that I accomplished BIG GOALS! ✨
I’ve changed... ✨
To be continued 🙏🏾

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