Benefits of eating quinoa - quinoa rice bowl recipe

Benefits of eating quinoa - quinoa rice bowl recipe


Quinoa/Rice Bowl Delight


What you Need:

2 cups cooked quinoa/brown rice

1 cups cooked beans of your choice

1 cup chopped lettuce or kale

½ cup chopped tomatoes

½ cup  chopped green onions

1 cups sweet corn kernels

½ cut avocado

3 Tbs Salsa

½ cup beyond “meat” crumbles (optional)



How to Make it

  1.     Spoon rice or quinoa into a bowl
  2.     Layer on other ingredients: Leafy greens, onion, corn, beans, avocado tomatoes and salsa and “meat” last in that order. Sprinkle salt & pepper for taste.

REMEMBER: You can SWITCH OP Ingredients to your preference.



Time saving TIPS:


  •     Brown rice, Quinoa and Beans can be cooked in bulk ahead of time and refrigerated or frozen to be used for various dishes. (frozen is best because food remains fresh after thawing)
  •     Veggies can also be cut a couple of days ahead of time, but not recommend for the freezer as they may lose the freshness and crisp.
  •     Salsa can be store bought or made from scratch with my healthy salsa recipe.
  •     Sweet corn can be bought frozen.

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