Living Unapologetically - Sorry Not Sorry!

Living Unapologetically - Sorry Not Sorry!

Don't be unnecessarily apologetic, and do not apologizie for being you!

Yes, there are times when a sorry is necessary and warranted. When used correctly, the word "sorry" can heal wounds, mend relationships, and so much more. However, many times, this word is overused out of habit. And it hurts our psyche in ways we may not realize, as it can make you appear smaller, timid, and with less confidence than you may have.

Research shows that women are the biggest culprits of being unnecessarily apologetic, and most of these women are moms! That makes me sad, but the truth is I do it too. ( I am getting better these days, but sometimes it slips out lol)

No need to apologize before sharing your idea. "Sorry, but I was going to suggest we do this instead..." Are you sorry that you have a plan?

Or how about when we don't reply to texts or emails immediately? "Sorry I was bathing, I was feeding my baby, I was at work...Girl, these are not things to be sorry for doing.

No need to apologize, but if you feel you need to explain, say, "I was resting, I was taking care of the kids, etc. and that's why my reply is late.

In my readings, I found that replacing sorry with Thank you works very well. So if you were late to have lunch with some friends, when you arrive instead of saying, "sorry, I am late." Just say, "Thank you for waiting for me." because its the truth, aren't you glad they waited?

Before you say sorry next time, pause to think if it is necessary, or if you mean something else, find different ways to explain things and to express compassion, and lastly turn it around into gratitude.

And if you want to bring other women on the journey with you, ask them why they said sorry, and 9 times out 10, they'll say "I don't know."

That will be an opportunity for you to share this post graciously.

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Author: Gigi


Ref: Daniella Balrezo at TED x


  • 13 May 2020 TIffany

    Thank you! This was right on time for me. I’m always saying sorry for things that are out of my control, and want to STOP! I really like that you suggest replacing the word “sorry” with “thank you”. That’s genius, and I’m definitely going to start using it! Xoxo

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