How to be the best you.

The idea of a fresh start is exciting and is chance to regroup, refocus and revaluate.

What I do like, is having a theme or mantra for the year! Last year my overall theme was being fearless and checking things off my dream list. And boy was it an exciting year! I have never felt more alive! From traveling, to a youtube channel, to the Mrs. America pageant and impacting lives, to venturing into courses and certifications… and overcoming difficulties many times with nothing but a positive mindset. I ended up turning a difficult year into a TRIUMPH year!

This year the overall theme is “excellence” keeping on what I’ve already started, but doing it better than before. Being more diligent, arriving 5 min earlier than I did before, doing 1 more push up, and overall working on being a better version of me.

I told someone a few days ago I didn’t think I was disciplined, she said I think you are very disciplined!!! She’s right; I am disciplined, what I meant to say was that I don’t think I’m disciplined enough! ✨
2019, I’m pushing myself even more. Success leaves trails, and I’m all up in those footsteps. No excuses. No laziness and no distractions.

With Prayer, Preparation, and Pushing, nothing is impossible.


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